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Team Spanner Advisors Private Limited Team is dedicated and dedicated to providing the best possible customer service. The company has made a name for itself in its business environment thanks to its excellent long-term track record with consistently consistent output. We put our best practice and practice to meet the needs of our customers and appreciate that. The most important thing for us is to provide customer satisfaction and we appreciate our customer feedback. To this end, we have designed our Refund Policy to provide you with a convenient way to request a refund based on a valid reason. As, in all cases we work hard to meet the needs of our customers, any Refund Request can be considered and properly reviewed by Tax Spanner Advisors Private Limited by resolving the matter otherwise before it is finally approved by us.

No Refund Will Be Paid If The Client Suspends The Service For Personal Reasons.

Refund Requests Must Be Submitted To Us Within 5 Business Days From The Date Of Payment.

Refunds Will Be Issued Within 30 Days From The Date The Application Was Submitted.

Refunds Will Only Be Issued If A Refund Is Deducted Due To A Technical Error On Our Part.

Money Will Only Be Allowed If We Fail To Provide The Services As Expected By Our Client As Per The Available Service.

In The Event That Any Misleading Contact / Banking Information Is Identified During The Refund Application, We May Cancel The Application.

Client Can Choose To Upgrade / Offer Offers From Our End. In That Case, If The Excess Is Found During The Adjustment In Respect Of The Previous Payment, Refund Will Be Allowed From Our End.

In The Event That We Identify The Misuse Of Our Terms Of Service While Processing A Refund Request, We May Cancel The Same. This May Result In Termination Of Service Received By The Client.

Communication With The Payment Request Must Be Made In Writing. All Communications Must Be Made Using The Email Id You Registered With Us.we Reserve All Rights To Accept Refunds And The Decision Will Only Be Made By The Management Of Tax Spanner Advisors Private Limited In All Cases.

Reimbursement Reviews Are Subject To Suspicion Of Suspicion And Information Provided. Therefore, The Process Takes Time.

Refunds Will Only Be Issued After Deducting All Applicable Taxes Or Financial Expenses.

Note :Tax Spanner Private Limited Advisors Will Process The Cash Refund Claim Based On The Contact Information Provided At The Time Of Registration. Refunds Will Be Processed Into The Same Client Account When The Service Fee Is Transferred To Us. Prior To Transfer, Our Team May Contact You To Suggest Alternative Solutions To This Issue. The Client Is Expected To Respond And Feel Free To Provide Valid Reasons For The Matter By Requesting A Refund.


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