Tax Spanner Advisors Private Limited works to achieve the best result for the client, because a happy client is a great benefit for this company. At the same time, our team wishes to work well with all our clients and use them in the long run. It is foolish to say that ‘we never went wrong’ . We expect feedback / advice / complaints / customer approval and love you warmly. In the event that there are any bugs in our client that we notice or have a better suggestion to share, please send an email to 'give email here' quickly and openly to discuss and provide first. On the other hand, we will be happy if you fill us with our services. Your testimony will be our property and will be retained.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We Will Be Happy If You Let Us Know About Our Work And Send Us Your Testimonials. Therefore, Please Send Us An Id: ‘Don’t Email Here’ And Know That Your Credentials Can Only Be Published On Our Web Portal And Your Basic Information Only After You Have Agreed To Do The Same For Us. We Guarantee To Publish Only The Message You Have Spoken / Agreed To Publish And No Confidential Information Will Be Disclosed From Our Policy.

In Case You Are Not Satisfied At Any Time While You Receive Our Service, Send Us An Instant Email At The Given Id: 'Give Email Here' Give Us Your Worries Within Time And We Will Contact You As Soon As Possible. In Our Normal Business Hours To Solve A Problem.

Also, We Expect Clients To Provide Appropriate Documentation To Process The Requested Application. Our Team May Contact You Similarly From Time To Time During Our Working Hours And We Expect You To Be Available Or Return To Us. For The Convenience Of Easy Processing, The Client Is Expected To Provide Us With All The Necessary Information In A Timely Manner And Cooperate With Us Accordingly. Please Read Our Use Policy For More Information About Our Operating System. Note That, Depending On The Project Requirement, The Client May Need To Meet With Us Personally In Our Office. Also, You May Need To Pull Out A Document To Process A Service Received From Us. Our Team Can Provide You With Assistance With The Additional Processing Costs Required. Alternatively, You May Edit The Document On Your Behalf At No Additional Charge.

Client Can Contact Us At Any Time During Our Working Hours To Determine The Status Of The Project In The Contact Channel As Stated: Provide Contact Mode Our Team Will Be Responsible To Provide You With All The Required Information. Also, You Can Submit Your Questions To Any Relevant Issues That Will Be Well Attended.

You Can Add A New Project While One (More) Project Is Running. Please Note That We Will Be Managing Many Projects Separately And Not Under A Single Package, Unless Our Team Comes To The Conclusion Of Taking It Related In Line With The Management Decision. Your Suggestion Is Always Welcome And Will Be Treated With The Utmost Care. Tax Spanner Advisors Private Limited Reserves The Right To Finalize A Payment Decision In Such A Case Which Will Be Properly Notified To The Client And Considered Final.

Also, Under Reasonable Circumstances, You May Continue To Cancel An Active Project. You Must Apply For A Refund Within The Period Specified In Our Refund Policy Page Based On The Confirmation From Our Management And Taxpayers' Rights Private Registration Limited Limited Has The Right To Complete Refunds That Must Be Accepted Or Rejected. In Any Of These Cases, We Will Notify The Client And Open A Discussion Under The Appropriate Circumstances.

Please Note That, Any Delays From The Department Concerned In Processing Your Service Item Are Not Our Responsibility, But We Do Regular Follow-up, Where Necessary To Compensate For Its Immediate Performance. Any Refund That Causes Such A Delay Will Not Be Considered Valid And May Result In The Cancellation Of The Refund Request. Please Go Through Our Refund Policy To Better Understand Our Policy.

Please Note That Tax Spanner Advisors Private Limited Will Not Be Liable If The Service Item Has Been Canceled Or Is Facing Any Legal Issues As Notified By The Relevant Department, Based On Any Incomplete Or Incorrect Information Provided From The End Of The Client. The Client Will Be Notified Under This Condition And In The Event, The Matter Exceeds The Scope Of Our Terms Of Service, We May Cancel The Service Request And Under This Condition, No Refund Will Be Considered.

Our Service Fee Does Not Cover The Fees Charged By The Department Concerned For A Reasonable And Just Cause, For Which The Client Has To Pay More Than The Amount We Pay. The Client Will Be Notified Accordingly And The Work Will Be Processed Only After Customer Approval And Payment. Tax Spanner Private Limited Consultants Will Not Be Liable If The Project Is Delayed / Canceled Due To Non-response Or Failure On The Part Of The Customer To Cancel Payment. No Refund Was Received In This Case.


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